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Horse Show Assistant 5
Registration Name (10-30 char)
$99.  USD
Horse Show Assistant DB
$20.  USD
Horse Show Assistant 5 upgrade
    not from Ver 2 or DB ver.
Old HSA Reg Key
Registration Name (10-30 char)
$55.  USD
Blank Line
What happens when you buy ?
I'll get a notification from PayPal; That's not always an instant notification.
Depending on what you bought, I will;
 * Email you the file within 24 hrs. 
 * Email you a Registration key within 24 hrs.  (workdays)
 * Set up a download for you and email the info within 24 hrs.  (workdays)

If you don't get a response within 24 hrs., just send me an email,
I probably received an email address from PayPal that doesn't work.

Please make sure PayPal has your current email.
I don't sell them.  I don't pester you. 
I only email you with something important.

Make sure you have a good previous version activation key before you buy the upgrade.
If you're not sure, send me an email.
PayPal may charge for refunds.

Provide a name for software registration where required.
   -  Make sure the length is within the limits -
If omitted, purchasers name will be used and adjusted as necessary.

  *  Upgrades subject to verification.  *

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