Horse Show Assistant was designed to streamline the tasks associated with organizing horse shows.  Promoters need software to quickly and easily enter data on the day of the show.  Horse Show Assistant (HSA) makes it easy to handle the inrush of exhibitors and has options to calculate points and payouts.  HSA also has functions to organize members for your organization.  You can have up to 150 classes in a show.  It allows you to add and delete entries quickly and accurately.  If an exhibitor is showing in many classes, a class selection dialog allows you to add the same exhibitor to multiple classes without retyping in all the personal information.  You can search for an exhibitor using most any field of the entry data.  One feature is the class "heads up display".  The six white columns on the right display all 150 classes and how many entries are in each class.  If it's one thing an exhibitor wants to know, it's, "how many entries are in my class?" You can see that without changing screens.  Because of constant interruptions, there is a "Last Action" line at the bottom of the screen to remind you of the last thing you did.  Other tabs along the top allow you to quickly switch between Class Display, Exhibitor, Show Info, and Search results.  HSA will calculate points and track them for your members.  It will also calculate payouts based on a percentage scheme or direct dollar value.  There is no limit to the number of exhibitors for any show.
Quick and easy data entry for horse show management
V5 Manual
The membership dialog setup allows you to track the members of your organization.  It totals points from each show, which are automatically added to the member's old points when a class has ended.  Membership fee balance is also saved with the membership data.  There is no limit to the number of members.
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What's New in HSA
The class setup dialog allows you to enter data for 150 classes.  Class fees can be entered in for calculating payouts.  HSA allows you to import and export class information to an Excel spreadsheet

The payout setup dialog allows you to set up payouts based on a percentage of the entry fee or as a direct dollar amount.  There is a setting for minimum exhibitors, which can be used to adjust the payout amount.  HSA also uses a class multiplier to increase or decrease payout for special classes.  Most payout systems can be simulated.

The points setup dialog allows you to setup up points to be awarded.  Decimal values can be used.  HSA also uses a class multiplier to increase or decrease points for special classes.  Most point systems can be entered.
When adding entries into multiple classes.  There is an 'M' button on the main screen.  This will display the Multiple Class dialog allowing you to click on every class the exhibitor is entering in.  Classes that have ended appear as red boxes.  Classes that the exhibitor is already in are black.  The yellow boxes are the newly selected classes.  The gray boxes are classes not being used for the current show.
When you're ready to print a score sheet, click the Score Sheet button and select a class number.  HSA will print a score sheet with all the exhibitors for that class, sorted by exhibitor number.
There are a total of 8 reports HSA can print.  Shown at the left is the End of Show report.  The title page shows the total exhibitors for the show, number of classes used at the show, and the average number of exhibitors per class.  It shows the total sales based on the entry fee for each class multiplied by the number of exhibitors for each class.  The total payout is shown as well as the balance after payouts.  HSA will indicate the top ten popular classes of the show and will list the top ten high point winners.  The report will then list each class with detailed results including each exhibitor, their place, and points.  These results are separated by class and sorted by exhibitor number.  HSA can also export the show data for custom reports.
The Checkout screen sums up an exhibitors activities.  There are 3 main sections, Class Fees, Grounds Fees, and Payouts.  Under each section is a total value for the section.  The rows in Class Fees and  Grounds Fees sections are blue if they have not been paid.  The rows in Payouts are red if the class has not Ended meaning no payouts were calculated.  The Final balance will sum up what they owe and deduct what they won.

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HSA 5 does not open previous ver show files.
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