Horse Show Assistant DB
Simple rider entry database
Requires Microsoft Access 2000  (or greater)
Don't have Microsoft Access?
Horse Show Assistant 5 is available.

This is a simple but functioning database that will organize riders at your horse show.  It is ready to use.
If you have one show a year or just one show, this is a low cost solution to get you through it.

If you're fluent in Access, you can copy and paste the data to and from Excel.

It is not locked or password protected, but it is copyrighted. 
If you have some programming savvy, you can customize it to your needs.  Add extra screens, add new reports, whatever you want.  You just can't sell it as your own work or and any work derived from it.
This Access database was developed for my father in law who organizes horse shows every year.  He needed a way to organize the exhibitor entries and print out score sheets on demand in a constantly changing environment.  Entries were coming in, and dropping out, throughout the show.  Trying to keep up with them was a stellar achievement.  This database streamlines the process.  It is a database that you would use at the horse show to log in and manage exhibitors.  It allows you to add and delete entries quickly and accurately.  If an exhibitor is showing in many classes, a duplicate function allows you to add the same member to another class without typing in all the personal information.  You can search for an exhibitor by number or name.  One feature is the Class "heads up display".  The four white columns on the right display all 100 classes and how many entries are in each class.  If it's one thing an exhibitor wants to know, it's, "how many entries are in my class?"  You can see that without changing screens.  Because of constant interruptions, there is "Last Action" line at the bottom of the screen to remind you of the last thing you did.  
There are a total of 100 classes possible.  Each class name can be edited.  The maximum length of the description is 255 characters.
The name and date of the horse show can be edited.  It will appear on the score sheet printouts for each class.  The total entries for each class is shown at the top.  The score sheet is sorted by Exhibitor number.
You can enter in the winners of each class. The End of Show Report will reflect these entries.
The End of Show Report lists all the classes with all the entries.  If the winners were entered in, they will displayed in the Place column.  You can have any number of winners for 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.
When adding entries into multiple classes.  There is an 'M' button which will bring up this selection window.  Simply select all the classes for the new entry and click OK.  Notice that only 66 classes are enabled here.  You declare the number of classes before each show for the average function and to minimize errors.
HSA DB Manual